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We are a molecular toxicology and environmental chemistry research group at Carleton University. We explore the mechanisms associated with exposure to environmental chemicals and their impact on biochemical signaling pathways to understand how exposure affects health and disease.

News & Highlights

June 24 22_edited.jpg

June 24, 2022: Trevor VandenBoer and Cora Young from York University drop off a nanoMOUDI air sampler for an upcoming collaborative project (stay tuned).

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Aug 1, 2022: Congrats to Sierra and Amy on the acceptance of their paper about the human microbiome impact on polyfluoroalkyl substance transformation in Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts!

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Sept 30, 2022: Congrats to Keegan and co-authors on the acceptance of their paper about PFAS in cosmetics and personal care products in Environmental Science & Technology!

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