Selected undergraduates

Maxi Steinmetz.jpg

Maxi visited our lab from Germany (BSc Nutritional Sciences) through the MITACS  internship program. Her project focused on the effects of pain-relieving drugs on altering omega-6 fatty acid metabolism.  

BSc, Justus Liebig University Giessen

Maxi Steinmetz


Aleen participated in summer research and was a recipient of I-CUREUS awards from 2018-2019. She helped with the maintanance of several strains of C. elegans, our model for studying toxicant mechanisms of action.

BSc, Carleton University

Aleen Awais


Danielle did her Honours project with the group in 2018-2019, developing an enzyme activity assay to assess pollutant metabolism.

BSc(Hon), Carleton University

Danielle Beyers

Sean Hargrave.jpg

Sean joined the group for his Honours project in summer 2019. He synthesized 8 metabolites of fluorinated pollutants to serve as analytical standards and toxicant substrates in future projects.

BSc(Hon), Carleton University

Sean Hargrave

Kali Deecker_edited.jpg

Kali carried out her Honours project with us from 2019-2020. She used computer modeling and LC-MS/MS analysis to examine the metabolism of omega-6 fatty acids and how this can be modulated in the presence of aspirin. 

BSc(Hon), Carleton University

Kali Deecker

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