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Join the Lab

Join us in the capital! Our lab includes undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in an interdisciplinary research environment and learning more about molecular toxicology. Students at all levels are actively involved in research projects in a variety of ways, including developing research questions, managing projects, and analyzing data, which are complemented by strengthening communication skills through writing and presentations.

Graduate students are part of the Chemistry Doctoral or Masters program at Carleton, with an option of specializing in Biochemistry or Chemical and Environmental Toxicology. These students play an integral role in the lab, contributing to ongoing research projects that are later developed to follow specific independent areas of interest through the course of the degree program.

Undergraduate students join the lab through independent research courses in Chemistry (CHEM 3400) and Biochemistry (BIOC 3400) to get hands-on experience in a laboratory research environment. Students also join through the Chemistry or Biochemistry Honours Research Program, or as NSERC-URSA summer researchers. Students may be involved in lab work for multiple semesters, gaining experience through involvement in collaborative lab projects before starting more independent activities.

Interested in working in our lab?

We are currently looking for motivated undergraduate and graduate students to join our research team. If you would like to learn about opportunities in our group, please email me at to discuss your interests. Include a CV and academic transcript, mention specific topics you might be interested in studying, as well as a few sentences of relevant research or academic experience.


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